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★ now booking ★

or rebranding as the case may be...


You're too busy to spend this much time DIY'ing your brand! 

Building your brand shouldn't be this hard.

Once your initial branding is done, I can do pretty much any type of print, brochure, layout, magazine, flyer, look-books, etc. If you need something that's not on this list, please inquire.

  • Stationery -  $200
  • Website (Showit) -$1500
  • Press Kit - $500
  • Ebook (24 Pages) -$800
  • Packaging & Inserts Starts at $300
  • Flyers & Brochures Starts at $300
  • Banner Ad Campaign -$1500
  • Social Media Templates Custom-made Starts at-$500

The Signature Branding Suite

4-6 weeks

book a discovery call

book a discovery call

  • 1.5 Hour Strategy Workshop
  • Mood Board
  • Logo Suite with 6-9 variations
  • Font Suite
  • Color Palette
  • Mockups
  • Photo Selection
  • Brand Guide
  • All final files added to Google drive
  • Asset Ownership
  • Adobe Designed
  • Canva Ready
  • Google Drive
  • Revisions Included

Brand Assets Add-Ons

All branding projects start here.

You can include add-ons to your package as needed.

book a discovery call

book a discovery call

Launch your brand! Congratulations!

How it Works





Send over your inquiry. We'll have a 30 minute conversation. If we agree to work together, I'll add you to my schedule and we'll get started. Welcome!

First, Research,strategy & mood board. Logo suite design, color palette, type suite, brand asset creation, stationery, templates, ebook etc.

Create & Deliver Mockups, final files, website, brand assets add-ons, loaded up into your canva account & google drive


Here are some of the comments I've received from my clients after working with me:

I am extremely happy with my new logo options and nailing a small change in fonts used made a massive difference in the overall feel of the new logo."

"I was so impressed with the work that was done on my new company that I immediately asked Angel to review and refresh my 20 year old company’s advertising materials and redo my logo. 

Design projects are not having the results & ROI you're after (and it's a frustrating experience to boot)!
Here's why? 


You just don't have time now to make it amazing.
Too much time spent in Canva. How about just 1 hour instead of 15??


Where are you going to get quality and reliable designers in a hurry? 
 You're embarrassed to present sub-par work for approval.


Are your freelance contractors reliable, or do they ghost you?

Reason #1

REason #2

reason #3

Imagine having a professional designer on speed dial?

What if you had a designer who knew your brand inside and out, was reliable, a great communicator, and happy to help?

That’s me! 

Quality deliverables are table stakes.

What makes the difference is the trusted branding partner who knows your brand inside and out, the smooth process, and the human touch. 

Companies who have downsized their marketing teams learned this already: a trusted contractor can do the heavy lifting while leaving you more time and focus to do what you do best. 

You don’t have to spend 15 hours in Canva anymore! How does 1 hour sound? 

“There’s always a bit of an unknown working with a new designer and hoping they can bring your vision to life, the fear is you’ll spend a bunch of money and get something you have to live with but may not be in love with. After having Angel do two branding projects I am having her work on a logo for my new legacy project and wouldn’t think about going anywhere else.”

“The process was more in depth than I had imagined and rightfully made me think through questions that I had not considered in order to arrive at the correct conclusions.”

"She did an exceptional job on this redesign project and did it incredibly fast. Her communication is great, she finished the project way before the due deadline, implemented feedback very quickly and redesigned a great looking marketing asset for us.
She's a true professional! I will hire her again soon for another project."

"Angel was a delight to work with! I enjoyed meeting her to discuss the job. She was easy to communicate with, adhered to deadlines and overall I would just say it was a great experience. I will definitely use her services for social media graphics again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her!"

"Angel was an incredible person to work with. She worked quickly and her output in Canva was spot on. I will definitely be working with her again in the future!"

“I've been working with a branding designer, Angel Nicholson, over the past month and she's a wizard! …She helped me translate my personality goals as a coach into images, colors, and design. That takes some mad skills!

Mentors matter! She saved me SO much time, energy, and headache!”


Does your package include copy?

We usually request that our clients have their copy all ready to go. We begin this project with copy already in hand. If you need a copywriter, I can give you a list of ones I’d recommend.

How does billing work?

To start the project, you will receive an email with your project details, the contract to sign, and the invoice to pay. Once those have been completed, then we can get started. 

Do you provide images and stock photography?

I always recomend that my client purchase their own images so that they can use them for other projects and in their marketing. Also, this alows the client to select the type of image licencing they need for thier company. Depending on the project, we will need to use some stock images. Once the strategy call has been completed, I typically will craft an art direction for the project for your approval and revision. Then I will select a few images for the project from a stock image site. Once complete, I send over the details for you to purchase. Then you’ll send me the purchased images for the project. That way you retain the license of that image.

Do I have to give feedback on the design? What if I don’t like the design

1. I always start with a strategy call to determine your goals for the ads. Then from the notes of the meeting, I create 3 drafts. Typically it’s one size with 3 different art direction and styles. 
2. Once you get back to me on the style you feel would work best, I go and create the rest of the campaign. 
3. After that, you have the opportunity to request 3 rounds of revisions. 
4. You can always edit it at your leisure once the project is done if you need to change up the text, or want to replace the images.
Note: the 14 day tech support is not to make revisions. But rather if you have any issues downloading, exporting, or need support with sizes, and the back end.

next steps

To get started, fill out the form below to book your call, and I'll get back to you within 24 hours. 


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