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About Me


You'll probably find me outside on a trail of the Appalachian mountains with my family (and our pet Maltipoo), at home with my kiddos, or at my home office working with my amazing clients.

After a stint in NGO work, then taking time off to raise my kids, I decided to start a career as a Virtual Assistant where I was working with amazing clients, and able to be available to my family.

While working with owners, CEO's and founders as a VA, I became very aware of the problems surrounding low quality design and branding while trying to create advertising, blogs, ebooks, and graphics for social media. 

I decided to pivot and go into design which was something I had been dreaming of for some time. Because of my past work in service-based business, I also recognized my love for service to others. 

What started out as frustration for me turned into a full-fledged graphic design business where I now get to help fellow business owners feel confident and proud to show up in their digital spaces for their audiences. 

I work with service-based businesses as they provide excellent services and products to their audiences. 

Every brand is created with strategy, love, thoughtfulness and creative energy. 

 I can't wait to see what we'll create together! 

I have a brand + design obsession

My mission is to be a guide to you as you build your brand. I create beautiful assets that add value to your audience, and show your expertise & value in the best possible way. 

I value transparency and provide you with a great experience, stellar communication, and strategic design, not just advertising  that looks pretty, (although it will), every time.

A great client experience

Your project deserves professional care, and you, an extraordinary experience!


How I work


My mission

 I prioritize an optimized and smooth client experience. You can access your project at any time when the project is in progress.

I value friendships and long term relationships with my clients. While I always give my best work and know it makes a difference to my clients and their businesses, I regard serving you as a joy and a blessing. I will always prioritize human relationships above all.

I value modern design, transparency & integrity.

Fun Facts!

Architecture is an interest I would love to explore! So combining that with design is just :)


Some things about me


My values

Indian food is among my favorites! 

Travel brings creativity to my art.

I value humanity & always keep that sacred. 
1. I have a background in service-based industries.
2.  I prioritize my client experience.
3. Timelines are precious and sacred. But I also allow plenty of time for unpredictability. You will always know when you can expect a piece of work.


I value candidness and clear communications.  I value your feedback, and I will also pair that with my design expertise to create the best outcome for you.


I absolutely LOVE design! I keep up with the latest! 

Modern design

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Nature is my happy place!

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Ever wonder what it would be like to outsource all your design projects, work with a designer who totally gets your brand, and gets your stuff done on time?

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clients speak

"There’s always a bit of an unknown working with a new designer and hoping they can bring your vision to life, the fear is you’ll spend a bunch of money and get something you have to live with but may not be in love with.  After having Angel do two branding projects I am having her work on a logo for my new legacy project and wouldn’t think about going anywhere else."

Mike, Owner

"Our project had somewhat of a close deadline, which Angela was able to abide by. She was able to implement all the unexpected changes that came up along the way. 
We ordered several brand assets and also a bunch of visual assets and templates for social media. She made everything that we asked and even a bit more, which is great.
Definitely would recommend it!""



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